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Launch of the Encyclopedia:
Due to the importance of this encyclopedia and in recognition for participants and their efforts and their contributions to the growth and development through the establishment of these projects; there will be a ceremony to inaugurate the encyclopedia after issuance in a hotel (5 stars) in Riyadh as it is the capital city, and an elite group of businessmen and investors will be invited to, we seek to – with God willing, hold the ceremony under the auspices of eminent personality.

The Recognition
1. Gifting the encyclopedia to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince  and Deputy Crown Prince area governor where the  project is located, and the visit will be coordinated in accordance with the established mechanism.
2. The enlisted project’s owner, or his representative, will be honored in the encyclopedia in the inauguration ceremony, the recognition photos will be published on website of the encyclopedia, the project account on social media networks,and advertisements in Media.